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Our experienced and trained product care specialist are here to assist you. Using your exact requirements, specifications, and examples, we will help you come up with creative packaging solutions that suit any and all needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Cp Cosmetic Boxes turn around time?

> Our regular turnaround time is 10 – 15 business days after payment and proofs are confirmed. For rush order, please contact us for detail.

Order same box style with multiple version of artwork?

> We process orders at discounted rates with multiple version of artwork, as long as the dieline and printing process are the same.

What is print 1 side and 2 sides?

> Print 1 side just the outside of the box. Print 2 sides is inside and outside of the box.

Do we ship worldwide?

> Yes we do!

Where is all the packaging coming from?

> Our manufacturing facilities are located in both North America and Asia. We will bring you the most cost effective solutions with the turnaround time that we promised.

What’s the mock up turn around time?

> 4 – 6 business days after payment and proofs are confirmed.

What 3D interactive PDF proof?

> We provide a PDF file to view the packaging before production 3D PDF Example.

How to request a dieline?

> Once you selected the box style from our website. Provide us the dimension and the sku number to

How to place a order?

> Here is the Quick Tour how to place a order.

What is the minimum to start?

> Low minimum and set up costs to start for your order.

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